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Euro NCAP has awarded the Lynk & Co 01 a 5-star safety rating!

Our first car in Europe gets top marks in one of the world’s most rigorous safety assessments.
The 01, Lynk & Co’s first car to launch in Europe, has scored a full five stars from the prestigious European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). The assessment puts vehicles through exhaustive crash tests to ensure reliability and quality.

The five-star Euro NCAP rating is supported by a simple Lynk & Co philosophy: No customer should have to pay extra to make their car safer. We don’t sell safety equipment as an expensive optional, instead, every 01 comes with all safety features as standard. Because members shouldn’t need to spend hours researching—or hours haggling with salespeople—to keep themselves and their families safe.
We are not compromising, we offer everything included, safety as well Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co
The Euro NCAP was introduced 20 years ago as an independent test to raise safety standards and assesses the safety of popular cars. Cars are put through rigorous impact tests using sophisticated crash test dummies full of sensor equipment. The test is divided into four categories – adult occupant, child occupant, vulnerable road users (such as cyclists and pedestrians), and safety assist, which tests the effectiveness of safety technologies.

For more information and assets, please check out Eurp NCAP´s webpage here: The European New Car Assessment Programme | Euro NCAP

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