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Lynk & Co will open their newest location in Europe, the Berlin Club, on September 17th. It's quite a spectacular place for buying a car, really beautifully designed.

Lynk & Co’s newest location, the Berlin Club, will open its doors in the creative heart of Berlin on September 17. With this new Club, Lynk & Co is expanding its global presence and connecting with German customers in their own backyard. In fact, the Berlin Club will be the first permanent Lynk & Co location in Germany and the fourth Club in Europe, alongside the Amsterdam Club, Gothenburg Club, and Antwerp Club.

New Clubs for our new friends.
The expansion of Lynk & Co’s retail presence goes hand-in-hand with the extraordinary growth of its membership community. The brand has exceeded its 2021 target of 9000 members and has welcomed 25,000 members (and counting)! These new members are also joined by strong interest from corporate fleets and B2B customers.

A different kind of clubbing.
Lynk & Co Clubs are a creative take on experiential retail: trading in pushy salespeople for a warm, no-pressure experience. Sure, you can test drive the 01 and sign up for a membership at the Club but gone are the days of car-centric showrooms. Lynk & Co Clubs offer up event spaces, flexible lounge areas, a coffee bar, and retail areas to showcase the Gear Collection, a selection of brands that share Lynk & Co’s values of sustainability, creativity, and community. Partners include local German brands like On Vacation Club, Otherware, GOT BAG, and Egal.

Lynk & Co has a pop-up location in Hamburg and one coming soon in Munich, but the Berlin Club will be the first permanent location in Germany—and the most unique. Every Lynk & Co Club is one-of-a-kind, and the Berlin Club is no exception. Located in the creative Mitte neighbourhood, the Berlin Club is a true gem that combines Berlin culture with an undeniable Lynk & Co vibe. Split between two floors and multiple distinct rooms, the Club is a versatile space that can accommodate DJ nights and parties just as well as coworking and cultural events.

Working with design firm S-P-A-C-E Projects, Lynk & Co enhanced the building’s existing architectural canvas—most notably in the Mirror Room, a meeting room encased in mirrors to highlight the heritage details and monumental character of the existing room. While staying faithful to the building’s unique architecture, the Berlin Club also shines with Lynk & Co whimsy: a tongue shaped chair, Berlin streetlights guiding the staircase, a log cabin-inspired bathroom, and a cobalt blue amphitheatre.

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